Delivered in partnership with EFDN, Community Champions League is a social street football competition. Participating schools can win more points through Fair-Play, Fair Support and Volunteering in community activities in addition to winning their street football matches.

Heathryburn Primary School have been a Partner School with AFCCT since 2018 and are returning participants in our Community Champions League. Pupils have been hard at work to ensure their efforts are highlighted in their league position. The whole school and local Police have looked at Anti-Bullying across the school which helped raise awareness for online bullying. Primary 4 & 7 have also been researching into the effects of biodegradable wipes to help the environment and investigating how long litter takes to decompose.

Heather Mudge, Heathryburn Principal Teacher, said:

“The Champions League has been a fantastic opportunity for children to come together and enjoy a different element of school life. Pupils have become accustomed to working with a different group of peers and love the football aspect of the programme. The whole school has embraced the opportunity to score points by taking part in different activities and workshops.”

Staff and pupils created a short advert on Road Safety addressing the issue of cars being incorrectly parked around the school. This has helped the school mornings and afternoons become a lot safer for parents to collect their children.

Heathryburn Pupil said:

“I think it is very fun. I love that we are all trying and earning points for the team.”